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Monday, December 12, 2011

Smile like a Celebrity with the Help of a Cosmetic Dentist in NYC

Ever thought how Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) has such a perfect smile, the answer is simple - with the help of dental veneers. A celebrity smile is a dream for many and it comes as no surprise that a rising number of New Yorkers prefer cosmetic dentistry to achieve perfect smiles like their favorite celebrities.

Dental Veneers are one of the most widely used cosmetic dentistry procedures by the people in New York City for fixing discolored and uneven teeth. A Cosmetic Dentist NYC assists to have a smile makeover with dental veneers in just a few visits and finally makes way for a beautiful smile. Let us know a little more about dental makeover with veneers -

What are the problems that are fixed with the help of dental veneers?
Veneers can be used to fix dental damages and teeth discoloration that may be due to reasons such as –
·  Broken and chipped teeth
·  Teeth which are worn down
·  Irregular teeth that are misaligned or naturally uneven
·  Gapped teeth
·  Discolored teeth as a result of root canal therapy, caffeine, drugs or genetic reasons

How are dental veneers fitted?
A cosmetic dentist NYC fit dental veneers in a span of three-visit treatments program that may involve the initial consultation followed by preparation and eventually the fitting of these cosmetic veneers. The initial phase of consultation involves an assessment by the dental surgeon of the appropriateness of dental veneers for a given candidate.
The x-rays and impressions of the teeth are taken in order to make customized veneers for a patient. The preparation stage involves removal of around half a millimeter of teeth enamel that is roughly equal to the thickness of the veneer to be applied. The procedural phase involves matching the shade of the veneer with the dental sealant to be used. After the tooth is cleaned and etched, the veneer is affixed to the teeth with the help of dental sealant.

What the advantages of getting dental veneers fitted?
The advantage of dental veneers includes a natural tooth experience, as veneers can easily simulate the natural aesthetics of the teeth. The gum tissue of the teeth is tolerant towards porcelain and veneers are generally found to be resistant towards stains. Veneers are considered one of the easiest ways to spruce up a smile, since they does not require extensive shaping of the teeth.

You can only find out the reason of its popularity in a place like New York City, when you personally visit a Cosmetic Dentist NYC for the consultation. To plan a visit, book an appointment at


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