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Monday, November 5, 2012

Cosmetic Dentistry- Remedy for All Your Dental Problems!

In the yesteryears, dental issues were not as prime and defined as they are now. It was probably because people ate healthy food and took the best possible care of their teeth.

These days however, people are fond of junk food, chocolates and beverages which end up giving them dental problems; especially people living in cities, because they are too busy to search for healthy food options. These problems arise because their busy work schedule doesnt allow them to have hygienic and homemade food, thus leading to all sort of dental problems. So to overcome this they are turning towards Cosmetic Dentistry in New York, which is the latest and best technique to obtain relief.

Patients often avoid visiting dental clinics as they have fear of dental procedures and especially when they hear thatyou need root canal therapy.
But it’s a false belief!

Nowadays dental procedures have developed so well that it has made easier for the patients to get rid of those pains.

No doubt there are many questions on patients mind like; what exactly is root canal? What are the symptoms? What is the procedure of root canal therapy? How much successful it have been? What are the charges?
So, let’s discuss them one by one!

Root canal: is a treatment of badly infected tooth. In other words, it is cavity in the center of the tooth leading to damage of pulp or nerve of the tooth.

  • Severe tooth pain on chewing or applying pressure
  • Pain caused due to sensitivity of hot and cold
  • Discoloration of tooth
  • Swelling in gums
Procedure of therapy: the foremost thing required for root canal is the guidance of well trained dentist or endodontist. An endodontist is the one who provide all the information starting from causes to treatment of therapy.

The first step of procedure includes the tooth X-ray to see the shape of tooth and the infected area. Next, your dentist would cover your tooth (with a soft rubber bulb) to keep it dry from the saliva during treatment. Then, a hole is drilled into the teeth to remove the bacteria pulp and the decayed nerve tissue. Further the cleaning process is done with root canal files. Once it is done the tooth is then sealed. Later, at the next appointment, the tooth restoration is done by applying crown, to protect it and from further infection.

Success rate of root canal: this therapy is highly successful thus giving long lasting teeth to the patient.

Cost: This factor depends from patient to patient and how severe is the problem. And of course, charges of different Cosmetic Dentist in New York have been varying.

With all this, patients should regularly visit the dentist for further treatment care. is renowned cosmetic dental clinic in New York that specializes in multiple kinds of dentistry procedures with all kind on dental care treatments.