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Friday, September 9, 2011

Add Value and Confidence to Your Smile with Dental Implants NYC

Loosing teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease or an accident can have an adverse affect on our confidence. Traditional dentistry involves solutions like bridges and dentures for missing tooth, but with the advancement and improvement in dental science, it has become easier to recover from lost or decayed tooth trauma. dental implants NYC is the most commonly advisable solution to the lost tooth problem.

Dental implants are the replacement tooth roots that provide stronger base matching with your natural teeth. Ideally, the procedure drawn in placing the implant does not take more than an hour. In order to place the implant, dentist makes a cut into the gums thus exposing the bone and then drills a hole in it. After placing the implant, the gums are closed firmly. To crosscheck the accurate positioning of the implant, dentist may take an X-ray to confirm its placement.

Healthy gums and bones are the two important prerequisites one should have to facilitate dental implant procedure, as both these elements are necessary to hold the implant firmly for the lifetime. The procedure of dental implant is practically less painful than a normal tooth extraction procedure and its success depends on the postoperative care that involves regular brushing, flossing and timely checkups.

In conjunction with appearance benefits, there are many functional advantages of implants like - Improved ability to speak, comfortable and easier eating of foods, better oral health and higher confidence. The patient must consult the dentist regarding the cost estimation beforehand since the cost involved in the procedure would depend upon factors like -

·  The type of dental implant
·  Number of implants
·  Any bone augmentation or surgical procedures needed
·  Bone grafting materials used
·  Type of artificial crown fitted on to the implant
·  Type of abutment used
·  Type of anesthesia used
·  Any corrective surgery

Pure Titanium or Titanium alloy are the most widely used material in the implants. They are strong, corrosion resistant and are biocompatible as well. It is very important to follow the postoperative instructions for better and quick recovery. Patients treated with Dental Implants NYC are advised -

·  Not to spit, suck on straws or smoke.
·  Eat only soft food to avoid injuring gums
·  Do not brush the implant area, instead use antibacterial rinse prescribed by the Dentist

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